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Localization Services

Reach the Finns

When crossing the cultural borders, it takes more than just translation to successfully communicate your message. It also requires thorough knowledge of target groups, media environment, and principles of local media culture.

We know the Finnish consumers and media field, and can target your communication to the right audience. We tailor the content to ensure its relevancy, and take care of the media distribution and mailing lists. Our extensive knowledge of the Finnish communication culture is an asset also when designing social media campaigns.

Our international clients include large corporations, listed companies, and export-orientated companies. We can help you find the right partner in the Nordic countries, Europe, and the UAE.

As localization services, we offer strategic communications planning, crisis communication and sustainability communication, information and PR campaigns, product PR, social media campaigns, and media monitoring. We use the best tools for our work, for media distribution and for media monitoring. 

Graphic Design Services

Enhance your message with visual elements

Improve your company visibility by adding visuals and graphic design to your communication.

We offer comprehensive graphic design services for both digital and print media, from company logo designs to image processing and as far as desktop publishing. Our graphic designer creates your illustrations and infographics, banners and social media ads, printed matters and e-publications, client magazines and annual reports, as well as brochures, signs and stickers. 

Communication Strategies

Stand out from your competitors

Communications strategy helps you communicate the strengths and benefits of your business to a wider audience. A well-designed strategy adds orderliness and efficiency to your daily operations, lowers the risk of mistakes, and simplifies your budgeting.

We create efficient communications strategies to best serve your company and boost your business.

Content Production

Quality content for different channels

Modify your company brand and manage your reputation better with professional communication and high-quality content. The best possible content is always created and edited according to the goal, target group and chosen media.

We produce quality content for digital and printed channels: websites, social media, blogs and newsletters, publications, bulletins, releases and brochures. 

Product PR

Set your product apart from competition

Complete the marketing campaign for your product or service and increase awareness with informative, fact-based communications and PR actions. Communicational approach emphasizes the credibility of your company, product, and service, whether you want to launch a new product or refresh the visibility of an existing one. 

We define a good target audience, create a list of suitable medias, determine an interesting point of view, take care of the media distribution, and convey information about your product to members of the media and bloggers in a successful PR campaign.   

Trade Fair Communications

Spread the word of your company

Attending fairs and trade shows is a great opportunity to meet customers and stakeholders face to face, and to forge new alliances and business relationships. Being prepared is the key to a successful trade fair presence.

We help you to contact the local media and communicate your message to them. We write relevant content to printed and online channels related to the trade fair, in order to bring forth your company and your story.

Social Media Visibility and Presence

Harness the social media to your business advantage

Social media has become an integral part of everyday life for an increasing number of people. Benefit from the different channels and use the most efficient methods to enhance your presence in the social media.

We help you to find the right social media channels for your company, and to use them efficiently.

We can be your content provider, or train your personnel to produce appropriate content for your company blogs, social media campaigns and competitions. 

IR and Financial Communications

Tell the investors about your business

Support the development of your company's stock value and exchange with a consistent, open, and professional communication. Investor relations and financial communication require special knowledge and expertise gained by long-term involvement in the field.

We have years of experience in financial and investor communications for both listed and unlisted companies. We take care of your stock exchange releases, investor websites and meetings, annual and quarterly reports, IR presentations, corporate governance and social media. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reveal your sustainable actions

Sustainability has become a highly regarded value that interests clients, partners, and the media alike. It is also a valuable business asset. Sustainable actions and attitudes deserve to be told in an informative and honest fashion.

We design the best ways for you to make your sustainable actions visible. We help you with your sustainability reports, create appropriate, informative content for your website and media releases, and arrange events to promote your sustainable values.

Crisis Communications

Be prepared, minimize damages

A small discord can quickly grow into a full-scale disaster, especially in the age of social media, unless it is dealt with efficiently. Crisis communication plan helps to identify risks already beforehand and gives clear instructions on dealing with ongoing crises.

We create an effective crisis communication plan for your organisation and help you to put the plan into action when need arises. We also offer training for your personnel so they are better prepared to react when facing a crisis.

Media Releases and Events

Visibility in important news media outlets

News media channels are considered more informative, reliable, and influential than marketing channels. Spreading the word of your company, products, and services through media releases can carry more weight than advertising.

Successful international communication and press release content creation entails more than mere translation. It also requires thorough knowledge of target groups, media environment and principles of local media culture.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the world of media and of media distribution, we know how to create good media releases, how to get them published, and how to arrange press events. We also monitor the efficiency of the communicational actions by using media monitoring tools.

Internal Communications

Efficient communication within the organisation

Information doesn't travel on its own, not even inside the workplace. Knowing about the common goals, decisions, and current issues helps the community to work together better and accept changes more easily.

We help you to plan internal communications and implement the actions. At its best, internal communication doesn't flow only vertically from top to bottom, but also upwards and horizontally.

Communication Services for Start-ups

Communications partner on your road from start-up to stardom

Each start-up is different, but they have one thing in common: they need to make themselves, their products and their services visible and known in order to grow.

We help to increase the awareness of your start-up in the eyes of the stakeholders with strategic, well designed and well executed communication. With our help you can attract more investors, widen your customer base and minimize risks. We offer efficient and agile communication services for start-ups also with our international contacts: Telegraafi is a member of the Eurocom Worldwide Network.

Media Monitoring

Are they talking about you?

Monitor the discussions in the media about you, and control your company brand and reputation better. Find the little murmurs before they develop into a crisis. Measure the efficiency of the work you have already done.

Before beginning with the communication activities, we always define and set the goals together with our client. We use monitoring tools to see if the results meet our goals, and what could be done better.

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